Yulong Island Refinery-Chemical Integration Project (Phase I)

Yulong Island Refinery-Chemical Integration Project (Phase I)

2023-12-13 10:30:32

Chu Kong Petroleum and Natural Gas Steel Pipe Holdings Limited recently delivered 20,000 tons of SAWL pipes to Shandong Yulong Petrochemical Co., Ltd. The products included three-roll bending saw pipes as well as a portion of JCOE SAWL pipes, which will be used in chemicals production process.

Yulong Island Refining and Chemical Integration Project aims to upgrade the industrial sector and promote high-quality development in Shandong Province. It serves as a benchmark for the conversion of old and new energy sources. The project comprises of two stages, with the first phase having a total capacity of 40 million tons per year. It makes plan to build an ethylene plant which is capable to produce 20 million tons of crude oil and 3 million ethylene per year. In addition, two important distillation units used for atmospheric environment and atmospheric decompression environment are under construction, with maximum capacity of 10 million tons/year. It's said that two sets of ethylene unit and a styrene unit are also part of the plan thus the final output will be 1.5 million tons and 500 thousand tons per year.

Since the application scenarios for the product are complex and varied,13 sets of products with diverse diameters and wall thicknesses according to customers' requirements has been delivered to the plant, encompassing diameters spanning from 508mm to 3295mm and wall thicknesses from 8mm to 22.23mm.

The production line adopts three-roller bending machine for forming. For the formed short pipe section, tack welding is firstly carried out by CO2 shielded arc welding. After completion of welding, the heat of the weld seam is retained, which is preserved to reduce the weld residual stress and increase the property of stress corrosion resistance of metal.

The wall thickness and diameter of the product is much larger than general products, which can be widely used for structural pipe, such as steel structural bridge, high-voltage transmission tower, sea and land wind tower, offshore platform equipment and super-long pipe piles etc.