PCK holds the groundbreaking ceremony for 2024, the year of dragon

PCK holds the groundbreaking ceremony for 2024, the year of dragon

2024-02-18 16:32:08

The spring breeze brings warmth and rejuvenation. In this vibrant season, we are confident in embarking on a new journey in the Year of the Dragon and moving towards a brighter future together!

On the morning of the eighth day of the first lunar month, Chairman Chen Chang, the founder of PCK Group, arrived at the groundbreaking ceremony site at the company's headquarters in Panyu. He was accompanied by colleagues who applauded his arrival.


Chairman Chan stepped into the groundbreaking ceremony and delivered New Year greetings

Chairman Chen Chang delivered a passionate New Year's speech at the ceremony, which officially began at 8:38 p.m. He also extended his sincere New Year greetings and blessings to all the employees in Guangzhou. Chairman Chen's passionate and confident speech inspired everyone to work hard and strive for brilliance in the new year. His words injected a strong impetus for the company's development and earned applause from the staff in attendance.


Chairman Chen's New Year's speech

Amidst cheers of 'good luck', Chairman Chen lit the firecrackers. The clear and enthusiastic sound of firecrackers gradually rang like thunder, echoing in every corner of the venue. This heralded that the company will have new vigor and vitality in the new year, like the revival of all living things, ushering in a more brilliant tomorrow.


Sound of firecrackers to welcome the New Year

Chairman Chen distributed New Year's gifts to all the employees on the spot. This is not only an affirmation of the staff's hard work in the past year but also an encouragement and expectation for their work in the new year. It encourages everyone to continue developing and improving together with the company. Colleagues at the bases are fully enthusiastic about their work in the new year and are committed to contributing to the company's development.


Chairman Chen distributing New Year's gifts to employees

At the same time, warm and grand opening ceremonies were held in PCK Zhuhai base and Lianyungang base. Colleagues of the bases all put themselves into the new year's work with full enthusiasm to contribute to the development of the company.


PCK Zhuhai Base Groundbreaking Ceremony


Groundbreaking Ceremony at PCK Lianyungang Base

A new year marks a fresh start. All PCK colleagues will come together to embark on the company's journey in the new year. 


Welcome to the Year of the Dragon