NO. Project Name Specification Size Qty(Tonne/KM) Application Year
1 Dongying Port Pier Container Terminal Project (China Railway 14th Bureau), China Railway 14th Bureau Group Co., Ltd, China JTS167-2018 φ1000/1200×10-20mm 14344 Piling 2023
2 Terminal Engineering of Guangxi Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Expansion Project (Phase III), China Communications Second Navigation Engineering Survey and Design Institute Co., Ltd, China JTS167-2018及客户图纸要求 φ1200/1400×20/22/24mm 20714 Port 2023
3 Shenzhen Marine Emerging Industry Base Land Formation Project, Section 2a Construction Project, China JTS167-2018 φ1016×18mm 9093 Piling 2022
4 Al-Faw Grand Port Infrastructure Phase 1 Project, Daewoo, Iraq EN10219 φ1420×32mm 3054.39 Piling 2022
5 Al-Faw Grand Port Infrastructure Phase 1 Project, Daewoo, Iraq EN10219-1 φ1220/1420×25mm 67898.88 Piling 2022
6 Marjan Increment Project “MIP” PACKAGE – 1, Saudi Arabia API 2B 508~1200×12~50mm 508~1700×12~70mm 700~2280×10~90mm 23119 Offhsore Jacket 2021
7 Supporting Wharf Works of Sinopec Hainan Ethylene and Oil Refining Reconstruction and Expansion Project, China Customer Standard φ820/1000/1200×18/20mm 20036 Protective Pipe 2021
8 Steel Casing Project, Poly Changda Engineering Co., Ltd., China SY/T5040 φ3150×25mm 10000 Protective Pipe 2020
9 Morowali Nickel Iron Park Terminal Project, Indonesia Customer Standard φ1400×16~20mm 12489 Piles 2020
10 Huangmaohai Trestle Project, China JTS 167-4-2012 φ820~3350×10~25mm 37589 Piles 2020