Pipe Fittings
NO. Project Name Specification Size Qty(Tonne/KM) Application Year
31 Bushra Pipeline Project, Phase II, Daleel Petroleum, Oman ISO15590-1 & Customer Drawing API 5L PSL2 Φ406.4×11.1mm 5D/ 20D 180 Sour Gas 2010
32 Haikou-Wencheng, CNOOC Pipeline Co., Ltd., China GB/T9711.2-1999 Φ508×12/8/10mm 6D 206 Oil 2009
33 Southeast Offshore & Onshore Gas Pippeline Project, Southeast Asia API 5L PSL2 Ф610×14.27mm 6D 212 Sour Gas 2009
34 China Petroleum Engineering Design Group Co., Ltd. Southwest Branch (Weiqing Line, Class 3, Class 4 Region Reconstruction Project) GB/T9711.2-1999 Φ406×7.1mm Φ720×10/11.9mm 6D 1241 Gas 2009
35 China Petroleum Engineering Design Group Co., Ltd. Southwest Branch, China GB/T9711.2-1999 Φ426×11mm 6D 250 Oil 2009
36 Shenzhen Gas Gas Group Co., Ltd., China GB/T9711.2-1999 Ф813×22.2mm Ф508×14.2mm 6D 325 Gas 2009
37 Hebei North China Petroleum Engineering Construction Co., Ltd. of Guangxi Petrochemical Pipeline Project, China GB/T9711.2-1999 Φ457×7.9mm 6D 306 Oil 2009
38 Southern Line, West Phase, CPEC, China NXD-MECH-SPE-003 Ф711× 10.0/11.0/ 14.2mm 5D 922 Oil 2008
39 SHELL Exploration and Production Ltd., China GB/79711.2-1999 Φ610×14.3mm 5D 16 Oil 2006