Steel Structure
NO. Project Name Specification Size Qty(Tonne/KM) Application Year
1 South Operation Area Berth 2 and Berth 3 Project, Yantai Longkou Port, China Railway Materials Group Zhongnan Co., Ltd, China GB/T1591-2018 φ1300×20/16mm φ1000×18/14mm 11091.64 Structure 2023
2 Bundled Phases 3 Wellhead Platforms, Associated Pipelines, Brownfield Modifications and Tie-Ins, PTTEP, Nippon, Thailand API 2B 18"-48"×9.53-44.45mm 5440 Structure 2023
3 Structural Pipe Project, Hangxiao Steel Structure (Guangdong) Co., Ltd. GB50205-2020/一级焊缝 800~3500×20~60mm 15000 Structure 2023
4 Yantai Port Longkou Port Area South Operation Area General and Liquid Bulk Berth Project, CRCC, China GB/T1591-2018 φ1000×18/20mm 9797.23 Structure 2022
5 Ilijan LNG Import Terminal Project, AG&P, Philippines API 5L PSL2 24"/30"/48"/60"×19/28/38.1/35mm 17208 Structure 2021
6 Seagreen Project, HKO LNG project, COOEC, China 客户技术规格书 Customer Standard 508~2500×12~100mm 19662 Structure 2021
7 Structural steel pipe of Lufeng project,China Customer Standard φ406~4000mm×13~85mm 28581 Structure 2020
8 Dubai 700MW Solar Thermal and 250MW Photovoltaic Power Plant Projet, U.A.E. API 5L 24"~64"×9.53~37.5mm 26384 Structure 2019
9 Guangdong Metro Project, China Customer Standard 32"×20mm 40000 Structure 2019
10 Main Steel Structure Project of Yuetai Zhuxi Business Center,Shenzhen 16ye Zhongchuan Steel Structure Co.,Ltd, China Customer Standard φ1150-1650×25-50mm 15000 Structure 2019