Technology Patents

PCK has assembled a team of over 100 experts in molding, welding, machinery, hydraulics, electrical automation, and non-destructive testing, creating a robust technical research and development team. Also, the company has constructed laboratories for welding, CTOD, and deep-sea annular crush mechanics research. Additionally, PCK has over 200 sets of testing equipment, including material testing machines, low-temperature impact material testing machines, devices, an 80,000 Joule drop hammer tear testing machine, a computer-controlled vacuum direct reading spectrometer for chemical composition, and a metallurgical microscope.


We have developed welded pipe manufacturing technology and equipment that are internationally advanced. We also have solved key technical problems in the industry, such as material molding, welding, non-destructive testing, and material anti-corrosion, and therefore developed a core technology system with independent intellectual property rights. We have also completed the development of key new products, such as special steel pipes for deep-sea oil and gas transportation, corrosion-resistant bimetallic composite pipes, and X80-X100 high-strength and toughness steel pipes. These achievements have laid a solid technological foundation for enhancing the company's characteristic products and services.


The company has established several innovative scientific research institutions, including a post-doctoral research station, Guangdong Province Engineering Technology Center, National Enterprise Technology Center, and an academician workstation. We have undertaken over 20 major national, provincial, and municipal scientific research and innovation projects. The company has been granted 41 Class I patents and 79 Class II patents. Additionally, we have presided over or participated in the creation of the following standards: 'Straight Seam Electric Welded Steel Pipe' (GB/T 13793-2008) and 'Welded Steel Pipe Dimensions and Weight per Unit Length' (GB/T21835-2008). "Welded Steel Pipe for Low-Pressure Fluid Conveyance" (GB/T 3091-2008), "Welded Pipe Process Design Specification" (GB50468-2008), Straight Seam Submerged Arc Welded Pipes for High Temperature and High Pressure Pipelines (GB/T32970-2016), Steel Pipes for Offshore Engineering Piles (GB/T 37636-2019), and numerous other national standards.