Company Profile


Chu Kong Petroleum and Natural Gas Steel Pipe Holdings Limited (PCK) is a leading manufacturer and exporter of large-diameter longitudinal welded steel pipes in China. Founded in 1993 and listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (Stock Code: 01938.HK) in 2010, the company is headquartered in Panyu, Guangzhou, and has manufacturing facilities in Zhuhai, Lianyungang, with sales and marketing network covering Hong Kong, Yunfu and Nanjing.


PCK offers a comprehensive range of welded steel pipe products, including JCOE, COE, SAWH, Three-roll Bending, and CRA-clad/lined pipes. With a total annual production capacity of 1.8 million tons, the company is capable to produce SAWL pipe with outside diameter in range from 406mm to 1829mm (16" to 72"), HFW pipe with outside diameter in range from 245mm to 762mm (9" to 30"), SAWH pipe with outside diameter in range from 508mm to 4500mm (20" to 177"), three-roll bending SAW pipe with outside diameter in range from 610mm to 7000mm (24" to 276"), CRA Clad/Lined pipe with outside diameter in range from 406mm to 1219mm (16" to 48"), as well as other pipe fittings such as bends, elbows, reducers, tees, pressure vessels, spun-welded end covers, and flanges.


PCK's products comply with various international standards, including API/Q1/5L/2B, ASTM, DNV, ISO, DIN, EN, BS, CE, CSA, and more. The company's coating mills are capable of producing single/double-layer fusion-bond epoxy (FBE), two/three layers polyethylene/polypropylene (3LPE/3LPP), polyurethane, concrete weight coating (CWC), insulation and bitumen external coatings, liquid epoxy, FBE, bitumen and cement internal coatings that meet international coating standards. Additionally, PCK's fitting plants produce various fittings such as bends, elbows, reducers, tees, crosses, pressure vessels, spun-welded end covers, flanges, and more. These products are widely used in various industries including onshore and offshore petroleum development, petrochemicals, city gas, mining, coal chemicals, offshore platforms, infrastructure construction, steel structures, and water utilities.


With its advanced technology, equipment, management, and excellent reputation, PCK continuously provides high-quality products and services to domestic and international customers, earning them consistent praise.

  • 2010

    Year of IPO
  • 01938.HK

    Stock Code
  • 1.8million tons

    Annual Production Capacity
  • 120+

Corporate ldentity Logo

PCK’s logo is an abstract image of two golden phoenixes facing each other. The phoenix has been a symbol of good luck and prosperity since ancient times, and represents the bright prospect and enterprising pace of PCK. The wings of the two phoenixes are positioned in opposition, forming an incomplete circle, symbolizing that the company's products are high-tech steel pipes. This implies the directionality and rigorous, orderly operation mechanisms of the company. The continuous outward expansion of the trademark's symbol reflects that the company and its products adapt to market laws, continuously improve the technological content of the products, and aim for a brilliant future in their development and growth. The combination of English letters and the pattern of the entire logo embodies the cultural connotation of PCK's transcending itself, pursuing truth and innovation, and maintaining a leading position.