Longquan - Taiyuan Section of Lanxian - Taiyuan Gas Pipeline Project

Longquan - Taiyuan Section of Lanxian - Taiyuan Gas Pipeline Project

2024-01-29 15:58:28

Lanxian-Taiyuan gas pipeline project, the starting point is located in Pu Ming sub-transmission station in Liyu Village, Pu Ming Town, Lanxian County, the end point is located in Taiyuan, Wanbailin District, Shima Village, Taiyuan Terminal, across the two urban areas of Lvliang and Taiyuan, specifically involving the Lvliang City, Lanxian County, and Taiyuan Louxiao County, Gujiao City, and Wanbailin District, a total of 4 counties (cities and districts). The main project includes: one new gas transmission main line, with a line length of 136.49km; one natural gas branch line, i.e. Longquan Valve Room and Longquan Coal Branch Line, with a line length of 6.6km; one CBM branch line, i.e. Zhonglian Coal Booster Station - Sanjin Booster Station - Gugiao Sub-transmission Station Branch Line, with a line length of 27.18km; one expansion (process expansion) of Puming Sub-transmission Station, and the construction of new Gugiao Sub-transmission Station and Taiyuan Terminal Station. The main line has 7 new truncated sub-transmission valve chambers and 1 buried valve well; the branch line has 1 new Longquan Coal Pressure Regulating Station and 1 new inlet valve well. The project can deliver 400 million m³ of natural gas per year (85.7x10,000 m³/d) and 95 million m³/a of coalbed methane (27.2x10,000 m³/d), which can effectively solve the shortage of living gas for Taiyuan residents.

Details of Delivery

SpecificationGB/T9711-2011  PSL2
Qty45 Km
ServiceCoal Seam Gas
External Coating3LPE
Internal Coating/